This is Dub Ninja.

Dub Ninja is a next level pop-up radio station to dream, work, think and live. Our high quality livestream is an aesthetic mix of exceptional hypnotic dub techno, 24/7.

Dub Ninja in numbers:
– launched independently in 2019
– 5 900 unique listeners from 89 countries
– 318 favourites on TuneIn and counting

Dub techno is, without a doubt, the most elegant and sophisticated sub-genres of contemporary electronic music. Deep, magnetic and slightly hypnotic beats that gradually change much like tectonic shifts from one state to another enable dub techno to be a perfect background for any type of daily activity.

Unlike other genres, dub techno doesn’t require your constant attention, allowing you to focus on things you find important right now; however, if you do decide to listen carefully, you will uncover a whole new dimension of smartly programmed grooves and synths by producers who are the true masters of sharp, precise and minimalistic aesthetic in music composition.

Explore top-notch dub techno electronic music with us.